Discovering, Preserving and Presenting the History of Gringley-on-the-Hill, Nottinghamshire.

Secretary’s Report

Membership of the club has increased since the new committee was formed in 2018.

In 2018 there were 37 members.

in 2019, 58 members and this year, so far, we have 13 new members. (not everyone has renewed).

Membership fees have remained the same and we do not see the need to increase this at the moment.

At the first talk of the year we had a good turnout, 49 people came, 40 members and 9 visitors.

The History Club now has a new website that we hope is user friendly.

We’re still learning how to populate this but we have put on the calendar of events for the year and contact details.  The secretary and treasurer have their own emails. If you have any general questions then there is an email or a phone number for enquiries.

The Club’s constitution will be put on the site in the near future.

Not much else on the site at the moment but it will be populated gradually with any new photos or information we receive, follow up information and photos relating to events etc.

We have a lot of information on Evernote and don’t intend to transfer this to the new site. Evernote is still available and will continue until further notice.




Mike Garrett has been nominated by Brian Hansen

Mike Keeble – seconded

The meeting voted unanimously in favour

Mike Garrett accepted the role of Chairman

The Treasurer, Sue O’Horan and the Secretary Pamela Hamer are happy to continue in their respective roles.

A show of hands indicated that there were no objections

The Treasurer and Secretary will continue in their roles.

We were looking for another member to join the committee but no one has come forward.  If anyone is interested can they speak to a member of the committee after the meeting.


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